Property Value Spike Decreases Tax Burden


Prior to the August election that successfully passed a Blaine County School District levy for the improvement of a number of district facilities, Superintendent Jim Foudy said he could guarantee the amount of the levy shared with voters would turn out to be less than stated. He declined to give specific numbers. Last week the specifics came out, and Foudy’s guarantee held up, too.

Thanks to increased market values in Blaine County, the tax burden ($34.90 per $100,000 of taxable market value) voters considered Aug. 30 would be significantly reduced. Specifically, properties in Blaine County increased to more than $18.8 million, reducing the overall levy to $25.34 per $100,000 of taxable market value. 

“We remain incredibly grateful to our community members for their support of the Plant Facilities Levy, as it will allow us to address our most critical facility needs throughout our buildings,” Foudy said. “We are now very pleased to share that the tax impact will be significantly lower than expected. We know this is great news for our entire community as we move forward with these important projects.” 

With the approval of the Aug. 30 levy, BCSD will improve, maintain, and repair its school buildings, including roof repairs and replacements. Funds will also be applied to furnishing and equipping buildings, safety and security improvements, LED lighting, and updates to mechanical systems, appliances, technology, and heating, ventilation, and sanitation facilities. 

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