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Economic + Market Key Takeaways

BY SUZANNE HAZLETT, MBA, CIMA®, CFP® U.S. Economy The economy has powered through many obstacles, including weak global growth, a sharp housing downturn, and higher interest...

Same Old, Same Old

BY JOELLEN COLLINS I am now in two book clubs: one for a Zoom session today discussing a memoir by Michelle Norris published several years...

Yellowstone Sleepwalker

My job was grazing horses when we packed to Yellowstone. I was ten years old but brave enough to graze them all alone. And when...

Walking Each Other Home

BY DOVE Ram Dass made a statement that we are all just here to walk each other home. I love this concept. We cannot leave...

A Weka Lesson

BY HARRY WEEKES In the realm of Science fiction and fantasy, we get to see the world as it might be in any number of...

Instinctual Dog Behaviors

By Fran Jewell I am approached daily about dog owners wanting to eliminate behaviors in their dogs that are “instinctual.” An instinctual behavior is one...

Dog Friends

By Fran Jewell Not all dogs want to be friends with other dogs. And it is a horrible myth that all dogs need to play...

The Little Things

BY HARRY WEEKES In the beginning of March, I spent five days on Bainbridge Island, Washington, visiting a school. Going from snow-covered, cold and clear...


The Road To The Sawtooth Valley Gathering

By MIKE MCKENNA   There’s nothing that brings a community together quite like a live outdoor concert. Ketch’em Alive, Hailey Rocks, and the Summer Music Festival in...

Fishing Report

Fishing season is NOT closed on all area waters. The waters that are closed include Silver Creek, the Big Wood River and the South...

Reminder for Earth Day Festival

BY ELIZABETH JEFFREY OUR VOICE COUNTS It’s spring! It’s April! And as we start thinking more about Mother Earth and all her bounty, it’s also time for...



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