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The Mole Crab

BY HARRY WEEKES This amounts to Part II of my Crab Extravaganza. After this, I will get back to our own ecosystem with questions such...

Round Dogs, Square Holes

By Fran Jewell A dog is not just a dog. Dogs were domesticated by selecting wolves that were the most able to work with and...


By Suzanne Hazlett, MBA, CIMA®, CFP® When developing a relationship with your wealth management team, the team must understand and appreciate you and your family’s...


BY JOELLEN COLLINS I have been experiencing a time of great ups and downs while considering major changes in my later life. For years I have...


BY DOVE As I watch the chipmunks rapidly scurrying around my house gathering seeds and supplies for the winter, I am reminded that we all...

Farm Driving

My first experience at driving a truck was when I was seven years old.  Back then farmers’ boys learned to drive at a young...

Dog Mugging, NOT Hugging

By Fran Jewell Recently, I was working with a young puppy in town. We were practicing friendly greetings with people with no jumping. Along came...

The new wild condor

By Larry Barnes On Sunday, Valentine’s Day 1982, a California condor soared on its broad wings high above Sespe Condor Refuge in Southern California. To...


Fishing Report

Fishing on area waters remains excellent. The cooler temps will put fish on the move and have them feeding in earnest in preparation for...

Strengthening Our Heritage

BY HERBERT ROMERO OUR VOICE COUNTS What an amazing Sixth Annual Hailey Hispanic Heritage Festival! The diversity of heritages represented was extraordinary. Our festival is growing...

Filling Our Toolboxes For Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month

By MIKE MCKENNA Life can be hard for everybody. Even some of the biggest smiles are hiding deep scars. But the good news is we’re...



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