State Releases 2021 Crime Report


The Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification has released their annual “Crime in Idaho” report for 2021. The report is a synopsis of statewide crime statistics gathered from law enforcement agencies across Idaho and includes such things as:

  • Statewide Crime Profile
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Property, Society
  • Arrest Profile
  • Hate Crime in Idaho
  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted
  • Crimes categorized by jurisdiction 

The dashboard allows the public to look at the crime trends for a particular city, county, or at the state level. You can find the dashboard at 

Users have the capability of running many prepared reports and ‘ad-hoc’ queries of any data elements collected by ISP on a single reported crime. It allows the public, academia, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies timely report capabilities without having to go through the process of submitting a public records request. On this website the public can also view the most current and archived “Crime in Idaho Publications.”


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