Omicron Variant Reaches Idaho


The Central District Health (CDH) has confirmed the state of Idaho’s first COVID-19 case with the Omicron variant. The variant was confirmed in a clinical lab sample from an Ada County resident who recently reported out-of-state travel. The resident is over the age of 50 and experienced very mild symptoms, likely due to being fully vaccinated.

“It’s important for people to realize that this new and highly transmissible variant has now been detected in Idaho, and many areas across the U.S. Many Idahoans regularly travel this time of year, and we need to remember to continue to take precautions, including receiving your vaccine or vaccine booster if you have not done so already,” Lindsay Haskell, communicable disease control manager for CDH, said.

Mitigation measures such as wearing face coverings in crowded public places and testing after exposure and, when ill, remain important parts of managing the pandemic regardless of vaccine status. Identifying illness early allows people to get proper care and prevent spread to family, friends, and others.

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