Carey Fire District Takes Tanker

From left to right: Sun Valley Fire Engineer/Paramedic Matt Hansen, Sun Valley Fire Lieutenant Slater Storey, Carey Rural Fire Commissioner Donovan Hurd, Carey Rural Fire Chairman Dale Stocking, Carey Fire Chief Richard Kimball, North Blaine County Fire Commissioner Sarah Michael, North Blaine County Fire Chief Rich Bauer, Sun Valley Fire Chief Taan Robrahn, North Blaine County Fire Commissioner Earl Engelmann, Sun Valley Fire Captain Reid Black, North Blaine County Fire Chairman Jed Gray. Photo credit: North Blaine County Fire District

With a new fire apparatus on order, and delivery expected in February 2022, the North Blaine County Fire District commissioners unanimously approved the donation of the retiring apparatus Tanker 3 to Carey Rural Fire Protection District. 

Carey Rural Fire has 24 volunteers and three fire stations: Carey, Gannett and Picabo. The new apparatus will be housed at the Gannett Fire Station. 

“Strategically, Gannett is a great location in our valley to house this apparatus,” Rich Bauer, North Blaine County Fire Chief, said. 

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