If I could share with all humanity at this time, I would ask them to examine their belief systems. It is important to understand what thought patterns are running your consciousness. The reason I would have you examine your thoughts is that thoughts go forward, collect like energy, and then that energy frequency determines the energy you reside in.

Ask yourself, Do I just keep doing the same old same old to get by?  Do I ever ask, Is my life what I want? Does it make me happy? Do I look for truth in all things or do I blindly accept the information put out as reality?

I would tell you to question everything. Almost all media has an agenda. For example, when the latest pandemic was created, was it a real crisis or was it manufactured? Is climate change a harmful reality or is it a natural cycle of the earth? Are you too busy to question the authorities’ narrative, or do you just accept the energy that is dominant?

If you are a sovereign being, question everything, and then make the decision that is best for you. As an example, I have a young friend who is in the Air Force. She is an incredible athlete but was forced to take an injection to keep her job. Shortly after, she had a stroke. She had two more relatives choose to take the injection and they both had strokes. A study was done in Switzerland with 777 individuals who had received the injection. A blood sample was taken three days after the injection and troponin was found in the bloodstream of all 777 patients. Troponin is only found when the heart muscle has been damaged.

The number of friends I have that have developed cancer after taking the fear-based injection are numerous. In these instances, fear was the prevailing energy.

I can tell you that if you are making decisions based on fear, they rarely work to your advantage. However, they do work to the advantage of big companies that have an agenda. Research the information connected to all your decisions because no longer can we trust the news media to give us truth, or any other institution that has an agenda.

I remember as a child every household read the newspaper, and if it was in the newspaper, it was true, because you could get sued if you put out an untruth. That type of protection has been lost and anyone can say anything with no consequences. Become your own source of truth. Your truth may not match anyone else’s truth but the energy you get from your decisions will work for your body and soul.

Be kind to yourself and all others. Treat your body as a sacred temple. Think for yourself. Become your own truth and your life experience will serve you in the highest good. Let go of being a slave to someone else’s truth. It is time to stand for you and those you love.

Get educated about your decisions. Remember that nothing that is important is ever urgent and what is urgent is never important. Learn to spot when you are being manipulated, because it is very subtle.

I choose truth for all of us, and freedom for all of us, but we must wake up now. Become your own truth in all things. Trust yourself and do not abdicate your sovereignty to anyone. Much love, Dove