Wood River Valley Citizens Committee Forms to Support Ballot Measures for Housing and Air


A Wood River Valley Citizens Committee (WRVCC) has formed to advocate for the passage of the Yes for Housing and Air ballot measures in Sun Valley, Ketchum and Hailey, all of which call for renewing the existing 1% for Air Local Option Tax and reallocating the proceeds to 0.5% for workforce housing and 0.5% for air service support. The vote will take place May 16, 2023, with early voting starting May 1. Sixty percent of registered voters must vote YES for the measures to pass.

The WRVCC is headed up by three longtime local residents: Paddy McIlvoy of Hailey, Calista Carter of Ketchum and Lisa Stelck of Sun Valley. They are joined by a group of 10 other community members, from each of the three cities, who will be helping advocate for the Yes for Housing and Air ballot measures. Other WRVCC members include Susan Giannettino, Rick Kapala, Kathryn Graves, Jenni Rangel, Joan Davies, Dave Luhr, Alan Stevenson, Baird Gourlay, Barb Figge and Rachel Wolfe.

The WRVCC is committed to working hard to pass the ballot measures in Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley. If approved by voters, these measures will extend the current 1% for Air Local Option Tax for another five years in Ketchum and Sun Valley and extend it until 2050 in Hailey. It will also split the tax revenue equally between initiatives that bolster workforce housing and maintain air service. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up at yesforhousingandair.info/volunteer.