red heart (vector illustration)


Most of us have been on the journey of “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” There are no easy answers to these questions and I have come to know that we each have that special something, that special energy that we have the ability to hold to make the world complete. Only each of us has the ability to hold our specific frequency. There is no judge or measurement that says one frequency is better than the other. Each of us is needed to do our part.

A friend shared an article with me this week concerning a controlled study done at the University of Kassel in Germany. The focus of the study was on the chest of the average person, which emits 20 photons of light per second. A person who meditates on their heart center, sending love and light to others, emits 100,000 photons per second. That’s 5,000 times more than the average person!

When we infuse the photons with the intention of love, light and healing, their frequency and vibration increases to the point where they can literally change matter. You matter, what you think matters, the time you spend, even if it is only moments feeling from your heart space, makes a huge impact on the world around you. Remember, where your focus goes, energy flows. Above all, now is the time when we are walking to hold the energy of truth, peace and love.

We are all needed to hold these frequencies, even just for moments during our day. Place the picture of a heart with 100,000 printed in the center. Place it around in your environment. When people ask what is that about, share what they are capable of doing. Your actions will create a magnetic and radiating vortex all around you.

As our world becomes more chaotic, I find I tend to cling to order for comfort. I am going to allow myself to be comfortable in each moment by putting my hand on my heart, holding the thought of a baby St. Bernard puppy in my arms, filling myself with as much love as I can feel. This is not the time to try and think your way into love—you must feel your way into love with no judgment, just allowing the love to flow in every cell of your being. 

I am getting better at holding the focus on my heart while walking, or cooking. I know I can change from my dominant activity being focused on the mind to moving my focus into all the cells of my heart. We can heal all of the things that have been done to the planet and humanity if we choose to use our energy focused on our heart space. Allow, allow, allow yourself to create your life from your heart space. It is time.

Blessings, Dove