I had a delightful experience the other day while standing in line at a local grocery store. There was a young man standing behind me that I had known since he was about 17 and he now has a master’s degree in counseling. He gave me a big hug and I told him to go in front of me because he only had two items. He checked out and then requested another hug, which I readily gave.

The amazing part of this whole event was the clerk who was checking us out I had never seen before. He asked me if I gave hugs, and I responded, “Of course.” He came around the counter and we exchanged big hugs.

Have you ever considered what type of courage and confidence or even need it takes to ask a complete stranger for a hug? What if we all had the courage to ask for what we needed rather than live in the place of doubt that says, “I am unworthy to ask for what I need. People will think I am weird.”

Right now, I am going to tell you how blessed we are to live in a place where you can feel safe giving hugs to complete strangers. I was blessed by this encounter. We shared names and I will never enter this store again without looking for my new friend and giving him a hug.

Back on this same theme, I have a friend of 45 years who lost her husband three years ago and is still struggling to create a life for herself that she desires. She lives in a rural part of Montana by herself on a lovely farm, but she has finally acknowledged that she does not like living alone. She has been reluctant to ask her middle-aged adult children to come get their stuff so she can make changes in her life, release the farm, and move closer to family. Finally, she has come to a place to acknowledge that it is time to make the shift because she wants company.

Please take the time to love yourself enough to ask for what you need. Don’t put it off and expect someone else or something else to fix you. The government can’t and won’t do it. You have to take responsibility for self and all that you have created.

The Universe wants you to have the joy of living the life you want. It only requires that you become clear on the changes you desire. Put it out there, and make your wishes known. You do deserve to be happy but you alone must have the courage to take the action required.

“Buck up, buttercup” and take action for yourself. Become your own advocate. Courage to all. Much love, Dove