red heart (vector illustration)


You have heard that you really can’t love someone until you love yourself first. I am not sure that is my truth. So many people I know find it easy to love others outside of themselves because they are not constantly critiquing others’ behavior. We often just accept them as they are without the constant evaluation. We are often not so kind to ourselves as we replay our words or behavior and then judge our results.

We are so much harsher on ourselves than we ever are on other people. To me, that says we are capable of loving others even with their faults, but we never give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. When you constantly are concerned about what others think of you, you have just put yourself in the prison of “I am never enough, or worthy, or smart, or physically beautiful.”

We condemn ourselves without ever giving ourselves the GRACE of just being okay with our actions, or words, or form. We usually give that GRACE to others without thinking because that is truly how we would want to be treated. We are asking to be understood not only by others but by our own souls. I suggest we start to love ourselves as we freely love others.

If you are not criticizing others, then don’t do that to yourself. Give yourself the same forgiveness you give others and be gentle. Give up second-guessing what someone might think of you. Develop your own level of confidence that allows you to be authentically you.

At this point in my game of life, I am pretty much me. I don’t need to change myself to please others. I love them as they are and when you put out the energy of acceptance, you receive it in return. Treat your own little ego with as much compassion as you give to others. See how that changes your experience of life.

I have come to know that source, or GOD, loves me as I am and worrying about the parts of me that are not accepted by others is just a message for them to look at where they don’t love themselves. Step out of judgment of yourself and others. Move into the acceptance of self and that gift will surround you with those that are also self-accepting.

It is wonderful to be around people who are comfortable with who they are. They are happy in their own skin. It is easy to love ourselves and others when we choose to accept who we are. Let go of all the projections the world says are important; your heart knows what is important to you. Be that, and life will flow joyfully.

Rid yourself of past emotions that keep you trapped in old patterns. You are not a victim of anyone’s thoughts but your own. Declare, “This is who I love to be!” and become that person. You are only stuck if you make no effort to change. To the new you. Many blessings, Dove