Fishing report

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February and March can provide some incredible fishing opportunities on area waters. Silver Creek, the Big Wood, Big Lost, and South Fork Boise will see excellent streamer, nymph, and dry-fly angling over the next couple of months. In order to take full advantage of these fishing opportunities, anglers need to be comfortable and warm when on the water. Here are a few tips to make the most of your winter fishing.

Concentrate your fishing efforts during the warmest part of the day and in river areas that see a bit of afternoon sun. Fish and bugs will become much more active when the water warms up just a few degrees.

Consider carrying two rods when fishing during the winter. When fishing tailwaters and freestones, have one rod rigged up with your favorite nymph rig, and another rod ready to go for dry-fly activity (midges and/or BWOs). On Silver Creek, go with a dry-fly setup, and another rod rigged with a small leech or streamer.

Dress appropriately. Wear layers, and make sure you have a good wind- and waterproof shell. A knit hat, good socks, and gloves are essential gear during winter fishing.

Stay hydrated with water and eat high-energy snacks.

Carry a small hand towel. Wet hands equal cold hands. Always dry your hands off thoroughly after getting them wet; this will go a long way toward keeping you warm.

Be prepared. During the winter, it pays to have basic, essential survival items in your vehicle when going on an outing, particularly if you venture farther down the road.

Fishing on area waters generally remains good. Look for midge and BWO activity to pick up as we enter into February and March. Skinny water on the Big Wood and Big Lost will require anglers to use long, light leaders and a stealthy approach (use your Silver Creek techniques) to have consistent success.

Anglers making the drive to the South Fork Boise have had some very good nymph fishing, and like other area waters, the dry-fly fishing will improve as we move into spring.

Silver Creek is still productive, with small leeches and baitfish imitations fished on a slow swing picking up fish. As the creek’s flows become a tad off-color during late winter, streamer fishing will be highly effective. Our custom Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow is a must-have pattern!

Happy fishing, everyone!