As I review this year of 2022, I contemplate the gifts that have been given. Good friends and, especially, joyful families, filled our hearts with awe and the blessings that true connection brings. I had the opportunity to spend three weeks traveling in Europe this fall and made lasting connections in just minutes on a gondola ride in the Swiss Alps. How does that happen so quickly? I stood in line at a local bakery and connected with someone new at a deep level.
We can never know when, or where, we will find our community, but when we are open to it, it is there. Once you make community with yourself and just love, life opens up. There is a saying, “All of the animals of this earth, except man, know that the principle of life is to enjoy it.”
I do not know who to credit this statement to, but it is so true. When you put joy as your objective, you create it. It does not have to be something big. It can be as simple as the smell of bread dough baking, or garlic and wine simmering for a delicious dish. When we let go of expectations, life really begins to flow.
In the coming new year, let us all begin to embrace the simple things. Let go of worry and know that you will be prepared to handle any challenge sent your way because you have the power to create or uncreate, as the case may be. It does require a great taming of the ego. As an example, this week my computer started giving me this big red warning about a fan problem and CPU error. I called my computer person three different days, but no response, so I listened to the guidance I was receiving, removed the cover on my desktop, vacuumed the fan and—voilà!—problem solved. We never create anything we can’t handle if we get out of our own way and turn it over to that inner guidance.
I would request that in the coming new year we reflect on all the obstacles we have encountered and congratulate ourselves on solving them, reinventing them into something better, or just deciding they have no value and letting them go. Let us move into a space of deliberate creating, being conscious of what we truly want and allowing the energy to move forward in the best way possible. We have to put energy into the changes we want. We can’t just complain and do nothing.
Change your belief and you will create something new. Define your purpose for yourself—big or little is not important. Just contribute to the greater good in any way you can.
Bless each and every one of you and know there is a power that loves you unconditionally. Become best friends with that power and all will be well. Blessings, Dove