I have found that one of my greatest joys is not knowing what’s going to happen next and expecting something magical to happen. Many years ago I was talking to God and was pleading to know what was coming, much of what all of us are wondering now. I heard the voice tell me, ‘If you knew what was going to happen next, life would be so boring that there would be no point in staying.’

I gave that some thought and I began to realize that having unexpected blessings pop into my life was one of the things I cherished most. For me, it confirmed that existence of some power out there helping out, caring for the children of earth. It did not have anything to do with religion but, rather, a higher power. What I have come to know is that the higher power is within me. It is not separate from me, but is the part of me that used to be so often hidden from my consciousness that I could not hear the guidance. I have come to know that that guidance is constantly within me, and within all others. It does not care about race, religion, political persuasion—it is a connection to your higher self and is always available for everyone.

To access that higher self can happen in a moment. As an example, I had a friend whose little brother had his arm trapped under a car. This young woman of 12 was able to literally pick up the car off his arm and free him. When we don’t see ourselves as limited or unable, that is when the magic happens.

We so often are caught up in the everyday limitations of standard reality that we forget we have power beyond measure. It seems to take an emergency to trigger our most magnificent selves. I am here to suggest that we might all step up our “magic” and not need to wait for an emergency to make a difference. Your magic is a result of the work you have done.  Just ask to be guided to your perfect purpose and I guarantee you will be led. It may not make sense at the moment, but eventually it will. It is about being content with who you are and willing to give what you can give.

I ask, during this Christmas season and all year long, to be of service whenever and wherever possible. I realize that “I” am not the source of the “magic,” but, rather, that part of me that is connected to that higher power is the source. I can’t create magic if I don’t take time to make that connection to my higher magic daily; otherwise, I forget how.

My prayer for this season is to be a blessing to all I know, including myself. Be content and joyful with what you have. After all, when you are gone, someone has to dispose of all the material things, so quit collecting things that you can’t take with you. My dad informed my brother and myself, “The only thing you get to take with you is the love.” Let’s hold a lot more love in our hearts and leave the rest to sort itself out. Blessings, Dove