New Policy Group Packs Argyros

Sun Valley Policy Forum hosted author and historian Victor Davis Hanson at The Argyros. It was a sold-out crowd for the group’s first-ever event. Photo credit: SVPF

Monday night, Victor Davis Hanson, noted classicist and military historian, packed the Argyros theater. The event was presented by the newly founded Sun Valley Policy Forum (SVPF) and the Bradley Impact Fund, a resource for strategic community philanthropy. A prolific writer and speaker, Dr. Hanson’s latest book, The Dying Citizen, has captured the interests of many across the country that are concerned about the divisiveness that has gripped the nation. 

Dr. Hanson focused on events and actions he believes have eroded a strong sense of national pride and citizenship that has been a critical part of our nation’s success and longevity. In particular, he cited the impact of unchecked immigration, a disappearing middle class, the rise of tribal politics, and the increase of critical national decisions made by unelected and unaccountable persons and agencies. Perhaps most importantly, he disagrees with the view that human nature changes over time and that fundamental tenets of our Constitution need to be altered.  

He was accompanied by a panel of three luminaries from organizations working to combat efforts that prevent the common citizen from being an integral part of our democracy. A lively question-and-answer session provided an opportunity for listeners to further and thoughtfully probe these topics.

Christina Culver and Mia Miller, co-founders of the SVPF, each spoke to the audience regarding the role of the Forum in our community and the responsibility that each person carries to protect citizen freedoms and rights.

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