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We all have different definitions of wellness. For me, wellness is a journey of life. Am I happy with the physical body? Does it work in a way that pleases me? Can I still do all the things I want to do? Am I joyous in my daily attitude?

It has been a challenge to create wellness in all aspects of mind, body and soul these past few years, and I just had two friends pass on the same day. They even had the same first names. I wonder about the coincidence of such an event, and both were considerably younger than me. One had good health but died of a routine medical procedure. The other one battled substances for many years. Both had exceptional financial abundance.

What I have come to understand for me is that wellness is a daily process of choosing to live joyfully each and every day. My husband and I start the day by saying out loud to each other and to the universe, “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!” It does not matter where you direct your love, just that you hear your voice proclaiming that love exists in your world. I direct my voice to the trees, to my house, to my family, to all humanity. It starts the day out at a high vibration. Look in the mirror and proclaim to your image, “I LOVE YOU.” Once you have done that, you can get on with your day.

It is difficult to know exactly how to plan these days, as there are so many fears thrown at us by the media. Will we go to war? There will be a food shortage and a fuel shortage. The electrical grid may be taken out. You will die if you don’t get the vaccine, or you will die if you do get the vaccine. I played in these concerns for a time because being prepared makes me feel safe. However, my wise son stated that the C is going to be around for a long time. You have to live life. What is the point of being here if you stay in a box to be safe?

We have not been on a vacation of any length for three years, but we have been safe. Now, we are going to have faith and live life. When you are retired after working 65 years, each day has the choice of being a vacation, but purpose is important also. We are now planning our lives to be full of life. We are preparing for journeys, and whatever that journey is, even releasing of the physical body, we will be experiencing life and having purpose. Know who you are and what fills your soul. Put fear away and see the energy disappear into a beam of light of truth. If we have truth, love and faith, a path will be put before us that is perfect for our next step. With fear dissolved and truth our compass, life will be an adventure worth living.

There are no mistakes that require you to beat yourself up. Learn from your experience and live and trust your heart, for that is where truth and wellness reside. Look for joy in the smallest places and you will be surprised by the magic of life. Like seeing mushrooms on a recipe and remembering your friend who makes the best mushroom soup in the whole world, picking up the phone and connecting with your friend even though you hadn’t talked in two years. Your friend answers the phone saying, I was just getting ready to call you! Magic happens in the shortest of moments. Find it in each of your moments. Much love, Doveeach of your moments. Much love, Dove

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