Hailey Library Garners Grant For Telehealth Facility 


The Hailey Public Library has received $8,400 to turn an existing meeting room into a private, soundproof telehealth space, which includes the necessary equipment and reliable internet access patrons will need to conduct safe, effective telehealth sessions. The grant was funded by the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc., and managed by the Idaho Commission for Libraries.  

According to the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment, the most significant health needs in Blaine County concern the prevention and management of obesity, improving mental health, and reducing substance abuse. By providing a telehealth option, the Hailey Public Library is serving its community in a way that goes beyond the traditional role of offering books and resources. 

Hailey Public Library Director Lyn Drewien said, “This dedicated space will allow people to meet with healthcare providers virtually and receive the service they would otherwise have to miss entirely or travel to access.”

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