26th Annual Eco-friendly Event May 7


The Environmental Resource Center’s longest-running trash pick-up and recycling program, Clean Sweep, will take place on Saturday, May 7, from  9 a.m. to 11 p.m.  Last year the ERC helped keep over 60,000 pounds of material out of the landfill through local reuse and recycle programs.

Participation is free and easy by meeting at one of the following locations to register and pick up garbage bags and gloves.

ERC Office in Ketchum (471 Washington Ave)

Hop Porter Park, by the arch, in Hailey (126 Bullion St)

Memorial Park in Bellevue (between Cedar and Elm)

Complimentary breakfast snacks and hot drinks will be provided.

To allow for flexible schedules, early registration at the ERC office this week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you would prefer to pick up trash on an earlier date, contact the ERC for more information so that we can accommodate that request.

Once you have your gloves, fun costumes and trash supplies, fan out and pick up trash in your chosen area until 11 a.m. Participants can celebrate their good work with a free lunch gift certificate, which is provided in the registration packet. All participants are also entered into a raffle with local prizes.

Take pictures of your group, costumes, and any “weird items” you find for a chance to win prizes! Email the pictures to info@ercsv.org and feel free to tag us on your social media accounts with @ERCSunValley.

Teams can also participate in the team competition. Teams will receive one point for each member of their team, one point for each member that is dressed up, and one point for each full bag of trash picked up. After the event, points will be tallied up valley-wide, and the winning team will be announced and highlighted on the ERC’s website online.

Winners of the competitions, as well as the raffle drawings, will be contacted individually by the ERC.

If you are in a position to support Clean Sweep and the ERC’s recycling outreach programs financially, donations can be made to the ERC at ercsv.org, or by calling the ERC office directly.

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