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This December has shaped up to be a cold and wet one. Winter fishing has been decent on pre-storm, cloudy days, but has been slow when we get a day of clear skies and sun. When this happens, the second day after a change is always good, be it sunny or cloudy. The fish just need 24 hours to adjust.

Winter fishing can be well worth the cold fingers and icy guides if you can change your tactics slightly. When the consistent Midge hatches just aren’t happening, you must rely on fishing streamers and nymphing in deeper and slower water. With the fish in slow, deep water, you can be sure that if you find one, you’ll find others nearby. Another upside to battling the temps is being rewarded with bigger fish. The winter brings out those larger fish looking for a big food source, so don’t be shy to throwing some bigger flies!

Silver Creek has had some great days of streamer fishing when the conditions are right. The snow on the creek will make some off-color water—this can really help the streamer fishing. The best fishing has been from the Highway 20 bridge down, due to the fish moving to their winter holding areas. Remember to walk slowly and make your casts count. Mix up retrieves as you go; you never know what they are looking for so it’s good to change retrieves often. Fish unweighted flies and be ready to see the chase as well as the eat on the surface.

The Big Wood is fishing fair in the lower river and better higher up near Ketchum. Those classic patterns like the Griffith’s Gnats and Tie-Down Midges in small sizes have been working lately if you are wanting to throw bugs on top. If you are fishing subsurface, make sure to have some small, jigged nymphs and big rubber legs on you. Find deep pools and fish them well.

The lower Big Lost is fishing well. Make sure to bring your best dropper nymphs. Fish are grouped up here in deep runs and holes. If you are wanting a numbers day, stay in deep water and fish some micro nymphs. The lower Lost River is tough and not enough anglers approach the water slowly. Those fish are closer to the bank than you think. Midges are starting up so be prepared to use your small Midge Emergers, or the classic Griffith’s Gnat.

Happy fishing, everyone!

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