Fishing Report

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The fishing story this week is the brown drakes on Silver Creek! We saw the first emergence on Sunday night and anglers can now expect to see this big bug on the lower half of Silver Creek for the next few weeks. If you have not fished the brown drake, the action begins at sunset with a spinner fall and then escalates again well after dark with the nightly emergence. We have a lot of proven brown drake patterns in the shop, so stop in and grab a handful of flies, some leader and some snacks! Then settle in for a beautiful evening.

With each passing year it becomes more and more important that we respect landowners’ property, we treat one another with respect and kindness, we help the uninitiated and, most importantly, we take incredibly good care of the fish. Remember, the brown drake is as much a social event as a fishing event, so act accordingly. Leave boorish behavior at home. We are here to celebrate fly fishing and our fellow anglers!

The Big Wood is fishing well with smallish attractor flies. Keep your little Stimulators and Parachute patterns close by. Fishing small dropper flies is also a great way to cover water. The low flows this year mean the fishing will get more and more technical with each passing day, so keep in mind that tactics that work this week may not work next week. Be willing to lengthen your leaders and fish smaller and smaller flies. We will also see a premature turn toward low light periods being the best fishing.

The Upper Lost River is also fishing and much like the Big Wood small attractors and nymphs are going to get it done as well as small streamer patterns. Cover a lot of water on the upper Lost and pay attention to what’s happening under the overhanging branches. There will be plenty of fish hiding out in these areas.

The Lower Lost is fishing well, but always check the flows before you go. There could be wild fluctuations this summer. Nymphing this tailwater is the main way to go. Think about using small Copper Johns and the color red when making your choices.

The South Fork of the Boise may be fishing well, but the volume of boats is too overwhelming right now to make this worth your time. Let the weekend get behind us and try midweek.

Happy fishing, everyone!

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