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Croy Building Arson Investigators Seek Help

After one month of arson investigations related to the Croy Street Exchange building have proven unfruitful, fire officials are pivoting to plan B—asking the public to help them find the arsonist.

State Fire Marshal Knute Sandahl confirmed that a public outreach campaign will be launched by next week that will include a yet-to-be-determined monetary reward for information leading to an arrest. In addition, fire officials will participate in television interviews and post signs around town asking for the public to call 1-877-75-ARSON (27766) with information. Anonymous calls are welcomed.

“We’re hoping people have been talking to one another and maybe a tidbit of information filtered down,” Sandahl said.

The commercial building at the corner of River and Croy streets in downtown Hailey was on its way to becoming much-needed workforce housing before it was completely destroyed by flames March 16. Roughly half a dozen tenants were evicted at the end of 2020 when owners announced their decision to revitalize the property. Architectural renderings of the property, which is co-owned by state Sen. Michelle Stennett, was scheduled for an April 5 review by the Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission.

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