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Angels, Bikes And Who We Really Are


This last Sunday I had the opportunity to experience humanity at its finest. This is who we really are as a people. We are not the agenda that the news tries to tell us we are.

It was 51 degrees outside, the sun was shining, and I knew I had to grab “Gracie,” my e-bike, and go for a ride.

About a mile into the ride, I threw my front chain ring, coming to a screeching halt. I hollered at my husband, who was in front of me, to come help. He turned around and we laid my bike over on its side, trying to unstick the front chain ring. It couldn’t be done, thus requiring that we remove the chain guard in order to fix the problem. What we now needed was a 5 mm Allen wrench, which we didn’t have.

Along comes my neighbor on his e-bike and asks what our problem is. We explain the situation and he produces a 5 mm Allen wrench from his bike bag, gets down on his hands and knees, and proceeds to help take the chain guard off. However, the Allen wrench is too short and we need a longer version. My husband jumps on his bike and heads back to the house for the proper tool. However, along comes another angel in biker’s clothing and he just happens to have the right kind of Allen wrench.

Angel number 1 and angel number 2 proceed to put my bike back in working order before my husband gets back. Such patience, perseverance and kindness is given. In the meantime, the man who lives across the street from our group on the bike path comes and asks if he can help. Numerous bikers all stop to see if we need anything. People driving by ask if we need them to call 911. At least a dozen people offered to help. This is who humanity is. No one cared about my age, my gender, my sexual preference, my religion, my financial status, my political stance, my color. Everyone was just being of service.

This is the way humanity treats one another when some agenda is not forced upon them by a few with an agenda. Let’s all try and emulate this kindness. If you are using technology that tells you that you must be separated because of race, gender or something else, turn it off. We are people, period. We care for one another, we love animals, we love the Earth and nature. We are blessed to live here where the sky is blue and we have space to be. Please, for the sake of our future, don’t buy into the false narrative that we are all separated by so many factors.

I love humanity, I love this Earth and all of nature. Let’s look for the truth of our being in everything we do. After all, if you believe in reincarnation, we have all been every race, every gender, every religion. We are the sum total of all the energy we have ever been. Love yourself, love your neighbor and take care of the Earth. Thank you, angels—and cookies for everyone! Love, Dove

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