‘Walking The Walk’

Herbert Romero and Tammy Davis. Photo credit: courtesy of Herbert Romero

By Tammy Davis


I am proud to be the co-chair, together with Herbert Romero, of our Hispanic/LatinUS Leadership Task Force. This past year my role and impact in the Hispanic community has been taken to a new level through this task force and collaboration. Now, I am experiencing another new inspiring level of understanding and inclusiveness as we bring Eduardo Chavez, the activist and grandson of the famous Cesar Chavez, and John “Zender” Estrada, famous L.A. muralist and artist, to our community.

We want to share the importance and not forget the path that was walked by Cesar Chavez to not only ensure our farm workers were treated properly, but, as I am experiencing, that we as a community recognize the value each of us brings to creating a healthy and diverse community. You will experience this through the art shared by John as well the documentary produced by Eduardo.

This event means so much to me in that we see each other as valuable and no one more valuable than another. The vineyard owner creating and selling exclusive wine is no more important or more valuable than the worker picking the grapes… Our differences are meant to bring us together to make us a stronger, more diverse and inclusive community. Together, we can do it!!

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