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Being In Love With Self As A Partner


I had the opportunity this past week of creating a wedding ceremony for a loving couple and also to do some energy work with young people that were in the process of learning to create the lives they want by loving themselves. The two things together inspired me to wonder how can we actually balance our own masculine and feminine energy to become our best support partner—to love ourselves enough to be complete, whether we are in a relationship with someone or just ourselves.

It is indeed possible to be complete and whole with just yourself, and in doing so you become the perfect partner for another. When you are whole, you are not needy and your energy is freed up to have plenty to give to another person. And, the person you attract to yourself will be equally whole. The key to creating the perfect relationship is to create it first in yourself and then you get to share that beautiful self with another being if you so choose.

Somehow, the concept of being unworthy has permeated our environment and become a dominant energy form, but it is time to create a different way of being. Know you are worthy just because you are. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Just be love. Find an example of something physical that you feel great love for easily. My dog gives and receives the energy of unconditional love. I would say, love like a dog that has been unconditionally loved and you will have that key to a joyful life. Look for opportunities to share that love on a daily basis. Can you imagine the changes that would occur in our physical world if we each took a moment every day to love ourselves, first unconditionally and then extend that love out to the planet and all living things.

Make an effort to love someone or something unconditionally every day. It will change your life dramatically. Never itemize the reasons you aren’t lovable, which we all tend to do. Instead, itemize all the reasons you are lovable. Where your focus goes, energy flows. You are not required to earn love—it is your right.

Stake you claim right now that love is yours by divine right. Be your own best partner and then share yourself with the world.

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