‘Gift Card, Give Back’


Support your favorite local restaurant with the Sun Valley Restaurant Association ‘Gift Card, Give Back’

KETCHUM, IDAHO—In these unforeseeable and most unprecedented times, community support is more important than ever, which is why the Sun Valley Restaurant Association (SVRA) is launching the “Gift Card, Give Back” initiative to help keep restaurants in business through these challenging days.

Michel’s Christiania, Enoteca, Ketchum Grill, The Towne Square Tavern, Grill at Knob Hill, Sushi on Second, The Cellar Pub, Glow Cafe, Pioneer Saloon, The Kneadery, Rasberrys, Warfield Distillery & Brewery and Cristina’s—all leading restaurants from the Sun Valley Restaurant Association—announce how clients can support their favorite restaurant and their staff as we go forward and beat the coronavirus.

Scott Mason, owner of The Mason Family Restaurants, which include, Enoteca, The Town Square Tavern and Ketchum Grill said, “Everyday our clients ask how they can show support as there are a number of initiatives for them to choose from. By launching the SVRA ‘Gift Card, Give Back’ initiative we hope to provide clients a simple and efficient way to help. We invite people to simply buy a gift card at the $50, $75, $100 or $200 level and redeem when the restaurant reopens. This vital contribution helps us support staff, pay our rent and survive.”

As a long-time restaurant owner within and beyond the Wood River Valley, Tom Nickel, owner of the Sawtooth Club said, “In over 40 years of our history in the valley, going all the way back to Creekside, I have never seen such challenging times for us and our staff.  My hope is that with the Gift Card, Give Back campaign our guests will buy gift cards right now for themselves, their families, friends, co-workers and employees. And that they’ll buy gift cards right now for overworked health-care workers, delivery workers and all of the hard-working people providing essential care.  You’ll be showing your appreciation for them and with the help of your purchase, we’ll be able to provide much needed financial assistance right now to our wonderful employees, many of whom you know and love!”

Roger Roland of Sushi on Second and The Cellar Pub who supports community events and always rises to the occasion for valley-wide support said, “Clients can call the restaurant to place their gift certificate order. We will either mail it to you or you can collect it with your next take out order, whichever is easier for you. Restaurants have always been there for the community and many clients ask me how they can be there for us today. Now, we have a simple way to receive their support, directly and efficiently. As it is impossible to make sustainable income from take-out orders alone, buying a gift card now helps bridge our finances.”

Bob Dunn from the Grill at Knob Hill, which continuously supports the community in every way said, “We have been selling gift cards to clients for years and it’s the ideal way for us to welcome you back to the restaurant. I can’t wait until clients redeem their gift cards whenever they want in 2020 as we will know that the crisis has past and we can get back to normal. We miss our friends and community at this time.”

Always spearheading support and assisting valley-wide needs Michel from the Christiania said, “We want all the restaurants in our valley to adopt our approach to fundraising in this way. Gift certificates are simple as clients can support their favorite restaurants in a way that they are already familiar with. The support means we can provide assistance for our staff and enable us to be ready to welcome clients back as soon as we reopen. Any restaurant in our valley can contact us and take part in this initiative. We will provide any logistical assistance required to help them create a gift card initiative.”

The SVRA would like to reach out to everyone in this effort and help keep our community viable as we stand strong in the fight against COVID-19 in our valley. For more information, and to purchase gift cards from your favorite restaurants contact:


Grill at Knob Hill


(208) 726-8004


Sawtooth Club


(208) 726-5233




(208) 726-3388


Sushi on Second


(208)726 5181


Mason Family Restaurants


(208) 928-6280


The Pioneer


(208) 726-3139




(208) 726-4499


Warfield Distillery & Brewery


(208) 726-2739


Glow Live Food Café


(208) 725-0314




(208) 726-0606