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Prep for a Healthy Food Holiday


NourishMelogo clipLike it or not, at this time of year it’s more about food than about spiritual practices. We progress from sugar-heavy Halloween to gastro-rich Thanksgiving, followed by the even more glutinous winter holiday season.

But there’s no reason the holidays can’t be healthy. It’s all in the ingredients, the care you put into your meal and with whom you share it.

You can nudge yourself into the next steps by joining the final NourishMe cleanse of the year, to be held Nov. 15-22. Call (208) 928-7604 for more information and to register. Cleanses give the body a chance to start afresh, with a healthier gut, more energy and less toxins.

Then start your Thanksgiving Day by playing with the dog, taking a run or hike, or by joining Hailey’s annual Turkey Trot. The fresh air and exercise will help boost your metabolism and keep your head clear. 

Make sure your food is fresh, locally sourced (if possible) and organic. This is preferable, since factory-farmed food often contains antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, and farm animals often have been raised on GMO feed, with no consideration of animal welfare. Poor animal equals poor meat.

When you buy locally, you support your friends, neighbors, the environment in which you live, your health and the ranchers and farmers in your area.

Real food has inherent nutrients that factory-food practices eliminate. Plus, food grown locally, that hasn’t been plucked, harvested, packaged, processed, shipped and warehoused, tastes 100 percent better.

Make your starter a lovely piece of fruit or a light soup, which will start your digestive system rolling. Have a little of everything rather than huge portions. This will give you a taste without the splurge, which can domino effect right through the rest of your holidays.

Be present with your loved ones and your food this holiday season. And enjoy.

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