Substance Abuse, Housing Top Healthcare Needs St. Luke’s Survey Says


Access to substance use disorder prevention and treatment, availability of mental and behavioral health services, housing stability, and accessible modes of transportation are the most significant health needs in Blaine County, according to the new 2022 Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) released by St. Luke’s. 

Every three years, St. Luke’s conducts comprehensive research to understand the most serious health issues and trends in the communities that St. Luke’s serves, including Boise, Elmore, Jerome, McCall, Meridian, Nampa, Twin Falls and the Wood River Valley. 

Addressing the need for access to mental and behavioral health services is at the top of CHNA’s most significant health needs in every community. Other top health issues vary by each community and include nutrition programs and education, substance use disorder prevention and treatment, housing stability, services for children and families, healthy air and water quality, and accessible modes of transportation.

“Our CHNAs help us better understand the most significant health challenges our community members are facing,” said Angie Gribble, Senior Director, St. Luke’s Community Health and Engagement.

The St. Luke’s CHNAs include a prioritized list of health needs related to individual health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors and the physical environment. The input from community representatives and partners were used to rank the health needs. St. Luke’s analyzed more than 60 potential health needs and health factors.

Learn more about the CHNAs and read the full report at Community Health Needs Assessments at


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