Preserve Warm Springs? Pony Up

Photo credit: City of Ketchum

Preserving Warm Springs is under way and there is no doubt that many in the Ketchum community would like to see it remain undeveloped. That’s Mayor Neil Bradshaw’s takeaways from an open house event and other discussions about the City of Ketchum’s current option to purchase 65 acres of the 78-acre property known as Warm Springs Ranch and to preserve it as open space forever.

The opportunity will rely on private funding if the land is to end up as public open space. So there’s no guarantee the preservation plan will win out. But at the open house and elsewhere, Ketchum officials have been hearing from residents that river and riparian restoration are mission critical. Among other priorities for residents was the management of water rights and the addition of a connector trail from Warm Springs to the city center.

“We are now set up to receive donations through our partnership with Spur Community Foundation. They will be the custodian of funds for the Warm Springs Preserve campaign. To find out more about how to contribute to the cause, visit and search for “Warm Springs Preserve.”

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