I was blessed with the opportunity to spend five days with the above picture being the view from my hotel room. This took place in a small town in Switzerland. The hotel was like an old friend and the food was beautifully prepared.

In order to press reset on your life, I found it necessary to take myself completely out of my normal routine where I am always doing something, planning to do something or fixing meals, doing computer tasks. It is a whole new concept to let everything that normally occupies your life be let go. You then get to decide what to do with your energy when you have no responsibilities other than providing for self. You have conversations with those around you; I connected with people from Croatia, Albania, China, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel, just to name a few. We had heartfelt conversations in the best way we could with the language barriers. Each loved nature and the beauty around us. Politics were completely ignored. We just connected as people having common concerns and interests. There was no agenda but joy, beauty and nature.

When you take a break from your life you get a chance to decide how you want to create when you come back to your normal reality. It takes time to re-ground yourself into the pattern you want. There is change and it seems to take place easily as those things that were so important before you left have no hold over you.

Getting back into your old routine is a choice. We always have this choice to change our lives. We don’t have to be stuck in a pattern just because it is what we usually do. You don’t even have to leave your current reality to press the reset button. You just have to give up your habits for about three days. I suggest we all take time to sit back and press reset on our lives and evaluate what we like about them and what no longer works. If we just keep keeping on, there will be no change, the energy won’t shift.

I am still regrouping but I know I will incorporate change into my new journey. Give it a try. You might just decide to envision a different agenda, one that brings you more flexibility and joy. If you never stop and examine how you are creating, habit will keep you doing the same old things.

I am grateful for the reset. The brain is still in relax mode and not wanting to do, just be. This is an unusual place for me. I think I will see where it leads me. Blessings, Dove