What are your expectations about 2022? Are you expecting joy, abundance, lovely relationships, great friends and magic? This is so the time to determine what focus you want to hold for your energy in the coming year and beyond. It does not matter what is predicted or how it shows up. Your response is all you can affect. Being prepared for any change can always give you peace of mind.

I have discovered that about myself. If I am prepared for any situation, I can let it go and hold no worry in my physical body and mind. I had a wise friend tell me many years ago that if you have shelter, clothing and enough food to eat, all else is luxury. When I look at my life and the lives of most of us, we indeed live in a very abundant world. What if we change our focus to the true abundance we have rather than a lack of anything.

I notice as I progress in age that my needs don’t grow, but they minimize. I don’t need the latest fashion. I desire comfort, purpose and, most of all, good friends and family, a warm place to rest, and food that nourishes the body and soul. I have all those things so that begs the question of where do I put my focus for 2022?

I have decided to be of service because it brings me joy and just maybe I can bring someone else peace and joy with my energy. While I was in the grocery store today, I came out and my husband was cleaning the snow off a vehicle in the parking lot that the owner had neglected to clear. She was driving unsafely and he took the time and energy to create a safer auto for someone he didn’t even know. That’s what I mean by being of service. Do the unexpected! Create harmony with your thoughts and words. It will work in your favor every time. You will be amazed at the flow of blessings that follow you around when you look for opportunities to be of service. As an example, I misplaced $40 and I closed my eyes and asked my higher self where to look. I was given a location of the backseat of the car on the floor. Sure enough, that is where it was.

Two more times that same day my trust in my higher self was challenged. I lost a necklace that had great sentimental value. For some reason I did not panic or get anxious—I just heard that voice in my head say ‘trust’—it will come back to you. Sure enough, I found it the next day in a place I had already searched.

When you truly trust yourself, magic has space and energy to manifest. I am going to focus on trusting myself in this next passage of the earth around the sun. I expect blessings and all good things. Set new rules for this coming year, not about losing weight, meditating more, working out more or giving up bad habits. Choose a path that serves those you care about and you will be blessed beyond measure. Hope for your perfect joy for 2022. Expect it. It is yours if you choose it.

Much love, Dove

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