Valentine’s Day

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Every once in a while, the beings that create things for us to spend money on get a good idea. This celebratory day was a result of two Valentines being executed on February 14th by the Roman Emperor Claudius II and most probably the Catholic church made them saints due to a rumor that they healed a child while imprisoned.
However, the original celebration came from a ritual called Lupercalia, a pagan holiday that welcomed spring. Legend tells us that one of the imprisoned Valentines sent the first greeting after falling in love with a young girl who visited him while he was in prison and signed the letter, “From your Valentine.” I find it so interesting to explore where our customs originate and why. Anyway, this is one of the better ones because it has suggested that we express love to those we appreciate and cherish.
From my perspective, love is best expressed frequently and sincerely to the Earth, the animals, the trees, and those we love. How you do that is up to you. Making a good meal, cleaning the toilets, washing the clothes are to me representative of creating an atmosphere of caring. Making a home that is comfortable and welcoming is an act of love. Examine the acts of love you do daily and make a list. Look at those things you do for others and then be sure and do things for yourself also. Putting yourself last is not the journey. Fill your life with love and then you will have plenty to share with others.
I remember the first Valentine I received from my husband when we were in college. It said, “I like you better that chocolate-covered Easter Bunnies and boy do I like chocolate-covered Easter bunnies.” Sixty years later, I can still see the card in my mind.
You will never know how the littlest thing you do can affect someone else. Look for ways to brighten other’s days and yours will be fulfilled as a result. Do the unexpected and surprise someone who needs to be remembered. You don’t have to give flowers or candy; maybe a kind word or a smile will change a person’s day. It definitely will change yours.
Love comes in so many forms. It does not have to be romantic love, it can be a sign of gratitude. I think the most wonderful Valentine I every received was when my husband gave me a gift that he knew would be something I loved but he could not relate to it. To me, that is true understanding, as he cared enough to explore his knowledge of me to gift something that was not of value to him.
Take stock of how you express your love for someone. Is it about you, or can you actually appreciate the other person for who they are, not who you want them to be?
This Valentine’s Day, search your heart for your perfect gift of love. Give it freely and enjoy the result.