The Salvation Army is Recruiting in Ketchum


Salvation by any other name


Red, rosy, cold, snowy noses, crimson jumpsuits and abundance all come to mind as we are nearing the finish line for 2023. About a month away from the biggest holiday of the year, the Salvation Army elves are out to bring the ring—a ringing bell, that is—to Atkinsons’ Market in Ketchum.

What is Christmas but remembrance of piety, family and the joy of helping others. It’s the time to be thankful and share the abundance. The Salvation Army strives to “DO THE MOST GOOD” and, as a mission statement goe,s it’s about as good as good gets.

“The donations we collect during the holiday season not only help us provide gifts to children who would otherwise go without, but they also help us provide food, shelter, and utility assistance to those who need it most every day of the year.” (

There are so many ways to share joy and love with our community and families. You can give an anonymous gift to someone who might need it, donate to charity or toss in your spare change—and maybe some paper money—to the Salvation Army coffers, until mid-December, for helping those who need it.

They say “what comes around, goes around’’; watch a smile travel through a group, or a laugh start with a friend and lead back to you. If the world was a never-ending Christmas party, is it fair to say we’d want everyone laughing, joking and maybe even dancing. If you go by Atkinsons’, you’ll have the chance to give the gift of surprise to someone through the helping arms of the Salvation Army.

Over their 150-year lifespan, the Salvation Army has financially provided for nearly 3.1 million people, served almost 160 million meals, and given over 8 million nights of shelter to those in need. The Salvation Army is currently still looking to recruit those with the mind and heart to donate their time and join the ranks of over 1.4 million volunteers who have helped bring more to those who have less.

Search Salvation Army Volunteers to sign up, and have a happy, safe and loving joliday season!