Brief 15-minute Airport Closure


FRIEDMAN MEMORIAL AIRPORT (“SUN”) will conduct an emergency preparedness exercise at 6pm on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

The exercise will involve all local emergency agencies and organizations that are part of the Airport’s emergency plan. In addition, approximately 30 volunteers (“patient/victim actors”) will take part in the drill, which will be a mock aircraft accident at the Airport.

The exercise will begin at 6 p.m. and will run for approximately three hours. The Airport will close for approximately 15 minutes, at the very beginning of the drill, to allow for a realistic emergency response across the airport. However, there will be no impact to normal scheduled operations. SUN passengers, local businesses and neighbors should be aware of emergency response vehicles operating around the Airport during the exercise.

“This exercise is intended to assess the emergency preparedness of the Airport, our airlines and our mutual aid partners,” said Airport Director Chris Pomeroy. “The weekday schedule for this year’s drill will allow for a strong mutual aid response and will provide an opportunity to test, exercise, evaluate and refine our response protocols and incident command functions. We want to thank all our mutual aid partners, as well as our local hospitals and volunteers, for their participation. Their support is vital to the preparedness of the Airport and the emergency response community in the event of an actual emergency.”

The FAA requires airports with a Class I Airport Operating Certificate, such as Friedman Memorial Airport, to hold a full-scale airport emergency plan exercise at least once every 36 consecutive months.

This exercise occurs every three years at Friedman Memorial Airport.