I have discovered that the key to joy in life is to keep it juicy. We are much like the plants of nature. The picture you see was completely barren of blossoms two weeks ago and I thought the plant had run its course. I remembered that I had an old box of Miracle-Gro from a few years back and decided to fertilize the plant. The above picture is the result of a little fertilizer applied at the right time.

If you want a gardenia to bloom in our environment of low humidity, you must spritz the leaves on a regular basis to get the fragrant blossoms. We as humans are much like the plants of nature; to enjoy life and bloom, finding joy in everyday things is a necessity. Our thoughts create the reality we experience. Where your focus goes, energy flows. Ask yourself, “How do I fertilize my mind? my thoughts?” Do I just do it in a haphazard fashion and let whatever random thoughts float by become my reality, or do I make a conscious decision to direct happy thoughts to my world?

Can you make a ritual of each morning when you get up to thank your body for another day, your residence for your shelter, gratitude for the food you eat. Find a focus for your thoughts. Don’t let random energy clutter your mind.

I start my day with gratitude for all that I have—for the beauty of this area, for good friends and wonderful family. I am grateful for my garden and all the nourishment it provides, not for just me but for all I share it with. I am in awe of having a garden at 6,000 feet. I love the plants, and they grow with joy.

Make a list of thoughts that fill your soul and raise your frequency. Remind yourself each day, many times a day, to be conscious of the energy you entertain. When less than joyful thoughts pop in, as they always do, be conscious of the energy, choose a thought to change your focus. How does the energy make you feel? Have an emergency supply of happy thoughts to substitute for the negative ones coming by. After all, the thoughts may not even be yours. Your brain is an antenna and picks up miscellaneous thoughts just as if they are radio waves. Be conscious of what comes in. You get to choose whatever you entertain. You are in charge of your reality.

No matter what is going on, find a thought, or music or a pet that changes your energy. Fertilize your mind with joy. It is the best thing you can do to bloom wherever you are planted. To a beautiful garden of the mind. Blessings, Dove