Every morning I am blessed with the opportunity to sit in my sky chair and meditate in the early-morning sun. The warmth fills my heart with peace, joy and Source. As I was doing my morning ritual last week, I observed a male robin pulling worms from the ground. He was tenacious in his endeavors and pulled out a very large worm. About four inches behind him stood a female robin. As he moved, she moved, keeping about 6 inches behind him. What amazed me is that he would pull out a worm and go place it in her mouth. He literally gave her his food — for young ones, possibly, because she then hopped away.

To me, this represented the true essence of love. What if we as humans could share to that extent. This act inspired me to go on a quest to find out what makes humans feel love—not give love, but feel love. The answers I received were myriad in nature. One lady felt love when she put others before herself. Another young man felt love during his time of connecting to Source, which he did often. A shut-in felt love when people came to her door and visited her. The people that showed up at her door were always special in the energy they held. Yet another stated he felt love when he wakes up in the morning and opens his eyes. Quality time spent with loved ones made others feel loved.  Cooking for people gave the emotion of love to yet another because it was a gift of self that was created in joy. Sharing individual creations energized love in still others. Being in a moment of unexpected joy filled others’ soul with love. Hearing one’s own heartbeat and being open to knowing developed love in a person. Being in like-minded groups generated acceptance and love in yet another.

Love itself is a gift only we can give ourselves. By placing ourselves in environments that fill our soul, we are blessed with the frequency of love, which then spills out and overflows.

For me, love is being in and observing nature, having my loved ones be aware of what fills my soul, and even if they don’t get it, allowing me the freedom for me to be my own person without putting roadblocks to the experiences I choose, however strange they may be.

Laughter fills me with love. I think now would be a good time for all of us to ask ourselves, “What makes me feel love?” and give that gift to ourselves as often as possible. We can change the world to be love if we all make the effort.

I love you all for aspects of each of us resides in the other. Blessings, Dove