a small liberty bell reproduction isolated over a white background

One of the blessings that we are given living in the earth plane is that our thoughts don’t often manifest instantly. We are given some time to contemplate our creations before they manifest.

I still catch myself having fearful thoughts about the future, or “what ifs” running along in my mind, particularly when I am not focused on a creation I am excited about doing. What this tells me is that I always need to have a positive place for my thoughts to focus; otherwise, the negative can slip in so easily and that is not helpful.

So, I suggest you keep a list of the things you are interested in even if it is just reading a good book, fixing a delightful meal, having a heartfelt conversation with family and friends. Remember the saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Well, this is true because your brain will pick up all the energy that is flowing around you. Make a list of positive thoughts and keep your list in a prominent place for reference as to what to do with your energy. For those of you that have to go to work every day, your mind is occupied with the tasks at hand. However, when there is an idle moment, it is easy to let a lower-frequency thought take over. Keep music handy that raises your soul. Take your pet for a walk, breathe fresh air and soon your energy will shift.

In my book there is nothing but energy and I think the potential for a whole new paradigm of being is coming our way.  Are you ready to embrace that new frequency comfortably? Can you let go of old patterns and observe what is? Do you retain old judgments that keep you trapped? Maybe we can all open our hearts and declare that we are free from sickness, or lack, or being divided. Let’s keep our thoughts focused on how we can fill ourselves with hope.

Try to get 10 things on your list, even if it’s just taking a warm bath with wonderful oils in the water. Sometimes I have to mentally push myself to do something that raises my vibration. It is easy to just zone out in front of the TV but that does not help. Take a class online, change your perspective and trust that 2023 will be the year to be free of all limitations.

I am beginning to plan my garden and I rejoice in the level of snow we have. When it melts, the compost I put in last year will really help the soil. Look forward to being in the sunshine. We are blessed to live in this pristine valley. Cherish it and yourself. Make 2023 a year to be free. Dove