Grace, Gratitude And God



Every morning I consider the blessings of my breakfast and I contemplate the number of people involved in providing all the elements that go into the creation of my breakfast. When I start considering all the people who contributed to the egg production, the grain production for the bread, the honey for my toast, the butter on the bread, the convenience of going to the grocery store to buy the products, the truckers that transported all of the above, I realize that multitudes of people contributed to the ease with which my breakfast was provided in a short period of time. How lucky we are to have such ease in our lives.

When I was growing up, we went to the hen house to gather the eggs, the bread or biscuits were created and, of course, the butter was churned. Was the food good! It was amazing. Now the food is still amazing and convenient but the connection to the animals that provide the sustenance is missing.

With all the advances in technology, we have lost the true connection to nature that can bring such peace and joy. There is a part of me that misses this connection to the life forces of all that nature provides. As we journey into this Thanksgiving season, let us reflect on the simplicity that can be found in doing the little things. Give gratitude for all that you have, whatever that is. I am grateful every day for a body that works, the warmth of a cozy home, and the ability to create food that nourishes my mind and soul. I have the luxury of being at an age where I don’t have an agenda that must be met. I can greet each morning with a sense of relaxation and discovery. I am truly blessed.

My prayer for each of you, no matter your age, is that you set a little time aside each day to process your blessings. Identify and move beyond the old habits that keep you trapped in emotions that are less than gratitude. Stay in the present moment, for that is truly all that is. When the mind starts to spin, take a deep breath, and focus on the present moment. Figure out where your ego keeps you trapped in old patterns and free yourself. This is truly the magic of life—to find beauty in all things. Work to see the magic in each moment.

If we all can embrace the best part of our lives rather than energize the parts that aren’t working, you will find that the parts you are struggling with come into balance. You must first focus on the higher thought. If you focus on the lower frequency, you only give it more energy and keep it functioning in space. This takes a bit of mental discipline, but you can ask God to give you a sign that all is in divine order. I have repeatedly done this and it has helped me move beyond the troubling aspects of my life.

“Life is a gift, the purpose is joy.” See the perfection in the bloom of a flower. Find the smallest joy, focus on it and change the world. Much love, Dove