Things are not always as they seem. It is so easy to get caught up in the energy being broadcast to humanity that says it is the truth. I have found that the only way I can know “my” truth is to listen to my own inner voice and sometimes it is hard to hear. It only becomes hard to hear when I don’t get enough rest, or I eat food that is not high quality. My ability to hear my own inner voice is also affected by the books I read and the entertainment I watch and the self-talk I pursue.

I have become very selective of the “energy” I let into my life. I suggest that we all examine our patterns and determine where we are letting negative thoughts run our existence. The greatest tool I have discovered is to stay in the present moment. I don’t need to fix anyone or solve anyone’s problems. I can be there to listen but that is so they can hear their own story and how it sounds. My daughter always told me, “I don’t need you to solve my problems, I just need you to listen.” It took me many years to learn that lesson.

In my world, you received love if you tried to please everyone without pleasing yourself. I guarantee you that the best way to please someone else is to please yourself first. It is not selfish to please yourself first—it is being true to yourself. That has to be the first step because only when you love yourself enough do you have energy to love others.

I have found my joy continually increases when I focus on making my world in the present moment something that pleases me. To me, frequency is everything. Keep your frequency high by doing what you love. Keep your body in the fresh air and sunshine, even if it’s cold. Ask how you can be of service, first to yourself, and then you will have energy to be of service to others.

We are not alone, and if you trust, you will be led to your exact next step for whatever you need. Only when you focus on all the hype and negativity do you pull yourself down.

Gratitude for the smallest things will bring you immense treasures. Expect to be surprised and life will bring you joy. Blessings, Dove.