St. Luke’s Wood River Welcomes Pediatrician to Family Medicine Clinic


Pediatrician Dr. Cait Hopeman is joining the team at St. Luke’s Wood River and is very happy to be here. Hopeman says the Wood River Valley has held a special place in her heart for a long time. She has always wanted to work in a rural, small town for the abundant opportunities to help keep children and their families healthy by working in partnership with schools, towns, and other organizations and adds that a lot of great work is already underway throughout the Wood River Valley. Hopeman further explained, “I am very excited to work with the team of family medicine doctors at St. Luke’s. I couldn’t be more impressed with their camaraderie, their dedication to their patients and their craft, and their willingness to collaborate and help out when needed.” Dr. Hopeman will begin seeing patients in mid-November at St. Luke’s Clinic – Family Medicine, 1450 Aviation Drive, Hailey.  To schedule an appointment, call (208) 788-3434.