Now, one of the things of life that brings me true pleasure is a ripe, juicy, succulent peach just off the tree, glowing and beautiful. These types of peaches are very hard to find in the grocery store as they are picked too early and the sugar doesn’t develop and they are often pithy.

I was blessed with the opportunity for a long trip the first of September and I was most concerned about missing the peach season.  In order to get fresh, juicy peaches here, I have found it necessary to make a 100-mile trip out of the Valley to a fruit stand somewhere more hospitable to fresh peaches. I have found that I can freeze fresh peaches by placing them in a dilute solution of citric acid (so they don’t turn brown), drain them and seal them with a food saver, and I have the amazing joy of fresh peaches all winter long. Smother a pecan waffle with the thawed peaches and you have a luscious treat.

Now is where the magic comes in. The last week in August we had company coming from the Boise area and they knew nothing about my desire for fresh peaches for winter. We had never had a peach-related conversation. So, the story goes, the company arrives with a box of the most beautiful ripe peaches from an orchard over in the Boise area. I ask them what triggered them to bring a box of peaches and the reply was, “I don’t know, but I told my husband we had to find a box of peaches to take to Dove.” He asked, “What if we can’t find any ripe peaches to take?” My husband’s cousin answered, “Then we will go to Nampa or Caldwell or Emmett to get peaches.”

They found a fruit stand and there were about 30 cars parked and a long line waiting for fruit.  A man came up to my husband’s cousin and asked, ”How can I help you?” The reply was, “I need a box of fresh, sweet peaches.” Her wish was immediately granted; the line was bypassed and I now have a freezer stocked with lovely, juicy peaches.

It is fascinating how readily the Universe will respond to your every wish when you truly just love something and let it go; it comes to you effortlessly. I am so grateful she listened to that voice to bring peaches because I went on my trip with no remorse about being gone.

I am trying to apply the Peach Principle to all my desires now. Let’s see what works. Much love, Dove