Keep It Simple

detail of golden bee or honeybee in Latin Apis Mellifera, european or western honey bee sitting on white flower of common daisy


How often do you get the opportunity to a take a bee’s picture? It is hard to get them to be still long enough to run get your phone and memorialize their image in digital.

I was out in the raspberry patch picking the most beautiful, luscious berries when I looked up into a large peach-colored hollyhock and saw four productive honeybees having a snack. I felt so blessed by their presence all in the same place. I wonder what hollyhock honey would taste like. My garden is not at all orderly. I have let the weeds grow — all except thistles, because they are not pleasant. My garden to me is just the most beautiful chaos. Daisies, hollyhocks, yarrow, raspberries, blueberries, garlic, iris, potatoes, all growing wherever they want to plant themselves. I removed all the stress from gardening by not putting any pressure on myself to weed — just let things grow, for the most part.

There is a movie out on YouTube called “Kiss the Ground.” It addresses the concept of how to improve the soil and that weeds definitely condition the soil and they should be left. I loved this concept because the effect, the beauty, takes my breath away. This is the best raspberry crop I have ever had and not pressuring myself to weed has indeed made my garden more enjoyable. How often do we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to perform in certain ways because that’s how our parents did it or some authority said it must be done this way?  What if we all allowed ourselves the freedom to let just a few weeds grow in our lives. Weeds can be very beautiful and teach you to grow where you are planted. What if we take the time to enjoy things just as they are. Give yourself the opportunity to just be present with whatever is growing.

My sister-in-law shared a lovely quote with me. It goes like this: “I am in a period of reflection. A standstill that brings complete surrender. I’ve put down my swords. Let down my guard. And now I will just wait.” Michele Lucia Angelic-Resilience quotes

I think this is where my heart is at this moment. I am going to rest and renew. May we each have the space and time to give ourselves permission to just be, to “keep it simple” just for now. Just some breathing space. Blessings, Dove