Now, in the overall scheme of things you would not see sofa pillows as a source of deep spiritual insight. They are a luxury item that makes things more comfortable and attractive. However, sofa pillows taught me a deep spiritual lesson that evolved over a period of years.

I would like to tell you a true story. Before we moved to this valley, we lived on the Hood Canal in Washington State. The scenery was lovely. The 52 days of limited sunshine a year caused one to start to rust.  Whenever the sun would come out, everyone headed outside to get some vitamin D. I was no exception. The sun was beaming and not a cloud in the sky. A great day for a bike ride and I started my journey to town. There were no bike paths back then, so you rode on the streets.

As I was progressing down one of the local avenues, an acquaintance ran out of her house when she saw me and yelled, “Come in and tell me what I should do with my sofa pillows.” My conscious mind was balking at the invitation, as I did not know this person very well, but I acquiesced and went in to look at her pillows. I made some suggestions, which I don’t recall, and she stated, “I knew God would send me someone to tell me what to do with my sofa pillows.” I shrugged and thought God doesn’t have time to care about your sofa pillows. You just need to figure it out and make a decision.

For many years I did not believe that God/Source could care about something so mundane as sofa pillows, but as I have aged, I have come to know God/Source cares about everything you care about. There is nothing so small that God/Source does not care. If you care about it, God/Source cares just as deeply as you do.

Take a hint from the past and turn all concerns over to your greater self and you too will discover the perfect path to finding whatever it is that you need. God/Source never leaves us. We are the ones that go away.  Stay in touch, especially now. Take the time to connect, daily. Even with the smallest troubles, turn them over and let them go. You will be surprised and amazed when your answers come from the most bizarre of places.

Be open, know there is always help. You are never alone.

P.S. Make sure you truly let go of any expected outcome. You are done with the issue. Let the truth and blessings come in their own time and way. Let go and love. Dove