Symbols And Responsibility



I know that the trigger point for my anger is very close to the surface and that is not like me. The above picture is one of the things that I truly do not understand and the bags are left just about everywhere. It is a symbol that says ‘someone else clean up my mess.’ Why would someone bother to pick up their dog’s poop and then leave it on the side of the bike path? The above bag was by the bike path for several days. It was only picked up when the landscape company came to cut the grass.

So, what is wrong with this picture is that whoever left this bag expected someone else to clean up their mess. That is just not the way life works. If we don’t all take responsibility for the messes we create, we will give away all of our power to an outside source that says, “Oh, here, let me take care of your mess. I know better than you what is best for you. But in order for me to clean up your mess, you must jump through hoops A, B, C and D. I will charge you for cleaning up your mess with more taxes. It does not matter if Sam down the street cleans up his own messes; he will also be charged for cleaning up your mess.”

Do you see how the more we depend on an outside source to fix our world, we give up freedom? There is no greater gift than your freedom, and once you lose it, it takes tremendous effort to reclaim it. You must take responsibility for your actions in all cases.

I see everyone’s tempers at surface levels after the months of fear, mandates and limitations that have been imposed upon us, supposedly for our own good. I also see the great damage that has been done to many countries and people because some source says it knows what is best for us. If we all took personal responsibility for our health by doing all the things we know to do, such as avoid sugar, exercise, avoid drugs and alcohol, get rest and love ourselves, we would not be so easily manipulated for our own good. We would be healthy, strong and free.

I encourage you to dig deep and find your truth. Everything is not always as it seems to be. Take full responsibility for your thoughts, as thoughts create your reality tomorrow.

I know I am working at observing where my buttons are that get pushed and I am trying to clean those up by simply observing them and not letting them control my reality. I am getting better at looking at the anger and standing back, not bothering to engage in the emotions. The more I stand back and observe, the more peace I have. I always try and clean up my own messes and ego will take a hit sometimes, but I am being responsible for all I create. I am not entitled to have my messes cleaned up by someone else. It is my job and my growth.

Look at where you create s**t in your life and make an effort to clean it up so that we all can have more freedom, and control by an outside source is not needed. Be free, be calm, be one with nature. Blessings, Dove

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