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What Does Your Cellphone Weigh?


What does your cellphone weigh? Not in terms of physical weight but in terms of how much of your consciousness and energy does it consume? Have you tracked how many hours a day you spend connected to this technology? It consumes our focus, detracts us from nature and human connection. You are literally attached to something that gives nothing back that you can consider real.

You cannot believe most of what is on this device unless you use a very discerning mind and then you are still not sure. To know the truth requires lots of research and effort. Is this the best use of your time? If you use the device for business, it is a different ball game, but if this device is your entertainment, it would be beneficial to find a more connected form of experience. Much of the information is pure propaganda and there is no real love involved, just artificial connection, just the aspect of programming your mind to receive the agenda that the developers want to project and control.

Well, I have found that my cellphone weighs a tremendous amount in the form of energy. It undermines your confidence. If those you follow don’t agree with you, it creates pain if you attach to the jargon presented. I suggest that it is time for all of us to take a vacation from all unnecessary connection to this unfeeling piece of microchips. Take your energy back, give it to nature, give it to humanity, give it to yourself, but quit experiencing your life through an artificial device that absolutely does not care anything about you.

If you are housebound, grow plants. Talk to them. They will appreciate your input. Play beautiful music, but stop experiencing life through this electronic piece of equipment that it is so addictive that it is the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put down at night.

If we don’t stop this obsession with artificial life, we will all wind up with long, extended narrow fingers that develop the ability to text all by themselves and a very small body that merely supports the fingers. Become conscious of the time you use this device. You will be amazed how insidiously it controls your life.

Make new habits. Don’t pick up the device unless it is for business or true connection to someone, with your own voice, so you can hear and read their energy. Love yourself enough to realize that you are being controlled and addicted by this little handheld creation. Is that what you want? Get out and experience life. When you walk in nature, don’t have the earbuds hanging out of your ears. How can you hear the birds sing or the crickets chirp? How can you hear people coming up behind you? We must get back to experiencing each other on a physical level.

So much communication takes place nonverbally. I challenge you to take a daily vacation from this energy. You will be surprised at how much energy is returned to you, if you are not constantly checking emails, texts and Facebook. Your energy is freed up to be used to experience your life. Your brain and heart begin to work together again. You become conscious rather than programmed.

Live, laugh, love, rather than text, scan and search. Balance is the key! Experience life!!!! Much love, Dove

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