By Dove

I am enjoying this theme of laughter, so I think we shall continue.

Several years ago, I was at a spiritual seminar in Colorado, with Kryon, for those of you familiar with his teachings. It was called “A Journey Home Retreat.”

At this seminar was an Emergency Room doctor from Southern California. His name was Chabula Malamba. Isn’t that a wonderful name? It just rolls off the tongue with such music.

Well, Chabula was truly magical. His laughter rolled up from the depth of his being. When Chabula laughed, everyone laughed. You could not help yourself. He told us he had no control over the laughter. It certainly could not be faked. Needless to say, we all wanted Chabula to laugh as much as possible.

The last event of the seminar we all had to wear white. Now, Chabula was not a small man and he came in wearing the most beautiful pair of hand-painted white palazzo pants you have ever seen. I loved those pants and asked him where he got them. It was not something I could buy online. He looked at a Native American bone bracelet I was wearing and said his wife would really like that. I asked him, “You want to trade?” He said sure, but the pants would be too big for me. I replied, “No problem. I know how to sew.”

He went up to his room and changed clothes, bringing me the pants. I gave him the bracelet. To this day I still wear the pants and they fill me with the memory of Chabula’s laughter.

Have you ever experienced laughter so genuine that it transforms you physically, emotionally and mentally? Let’s all make a pact to create that kind of laughter in our world. Let’s give that to each other!

Thank you, Chabula, for your incredible gift. Just repeat the magic words “Chabula Malamba,” “Chabula Malamba” and feel the laughter of a magic genie filling your soul. I know you can do this.

Life is a gift. The purpose is joy. Find yours!!