Illustration of the musical notes with the G-clef on a white background


First comes the thought and then comes the experience. We are the creators of all that is in our world. When we continually let our “monkey mind” run the show, we wind up rethinking the same thoughts over and over. This accomplishes nothing of value and only brings an energy around us of the vibration of the thoughts we are thinking.
I have discovered for myself that the “monkey mind” does not have thoughts that make my world a better place or that make me happier. The antennas of the mind that pick up all the extraneous thoughts that everyone is putting out does not serve me.
I have searched for techniques to use to quiet that unproductive voice, particularly when I am out walking. I can focus on my breath and the feel of sunshine on my back. My brother counts his steps and breathes in and out with a pattern.
The best tool I have found for completely keeping my thoughts in a positive space is to sing. I have two songs that I sing. One is “Amazing Grace,” but I do not use the term wretch; I say a soul like me. I also love to sing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” I know all three versus and I sing my heart out.
What I have discovered is that it is impossible to think negative or fearful thoughts when my focus is on the words to a song. This activity raises my vibration and keeps the good energy flowing. I would like to suggest that we each find a song that moves us and gives a message we would like to experience and sing it loud and clear. I don’t care about the quality of your voice, just the conviction in your heart to fill the atmosphere with love and happy energy. If enough of us start singing, we will lift the energy out of the frequency of chaos that currently exists. It only takes one tenth of one percent of the population holding the same uplifting vibration to change our reality. Do your part. Sing a happy song.
Isn’t it interesting that the revival in Ashbury, North Carolina, has spread to other universities. We all need hope and now is the time to sing about joy, love and peace. We can do this. With grace, Dove